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Joseph saddles up for success

Joseph is a Learner Representative on the Learner Council at our Pears Campus, CONEL. Here, he talks about the highlight of his week – his horse riding lesson.

“I was excited to go to the Julian Small Riding School for the first time. I was nervous because, to begin with, I didn’t know how to ride.

The difficulty for me was that I couldn’t ride because of my mobility. I didn’t have enough strength to ride a horse and stay upright.




I felt frustrated, so I started an Occupational Therapy (OT) programme to improve my balance and gain strength. I also practiced on the horse every Monday. With the help of my teachers, I now feel more confident and secure when riding a horse.

The OT programme, riding school staff, and Ambitious College staff have all helped me. They’ve taught me how to manage my feelings and reminded me to stay calm on the horse.

Now, I can trot and ride for a longer distance. I’m also happy and confident. I know if I continue learning, I’ll be able to gallop one day. I’m very proud of myself.”

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